Meet the Newbie: Katie Morrison

This summer, we scoured the District for some top talent to join our ranks. When the dust settled, only one candidate remained: alto Katie Morrison

Born in Germany, and schooled in the same Texas town as Redskins star Robert Griffin III, this Army brat (her words, not ours) has lived all over the place, singing in every choir imaginable along the way. But now that she has traveled the world, she is making her post-college home in metro DC, which is working out quite well for us. Katie is in her second year teaching elementary school music in Herndon, VA.  When not working with her well-behaved students, her many interests include catching jazz at HR-57, dogs (but not cats), the color yellow, and the film score for the 2000 historical war film The Patriot. We’re also particularly excited to hear that while president of her college choir at JMU, Katie planned a tour to England and Wales. This means that overseas travel is in our near future—right, Katie?? 

Meet Katie: The Facts 

Name: Katie Morrison

Voice PartSoprano Alto

Born: Germany

Lives in: Herndon, VA

College: James Madison University (2010)

Day Job: Elementary school music teacher

How did you find out about 18SS?: A friend from college, Anna Robinson, recommended it and said it was similar to the choir we sang in together

Favorite food: Greek and German cuisine. Gyros!

Favorite spot in DC: HR-57

Coolest musical experience: Performing and competing in Wales at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod.

Favorite composers: Morten Lauridsen, John Williams (mostly for his breathtaking Oscar-nominated work in The Patriot)

Hidden talent: Singing with my mouth closed

Will you be planning an international tour for 18SS?:  (Laughing) “Nope, sorry. Did it once, not doing it again.”

So you’re interested, then: “I never want to do it again… It was the worst year and a half of my life.”

Thanks in advance, Katie! We couldn’t have made it to Europe without you!

Your favorite John Williams film score? I bet you didn’t even think of this one.

This post was written by communications director and master interrogator Mike Rowan.