How to Plan a Strategic Retreat

Step 1: Gather your essential supplies and personnel

Tim wonders if the food will all fit

Retreat would not be complete without mass quantities of Nutella and microwave lasagna! Each retreat we rely on a generous member who possesses a vehicle that we can stuff full of bagels, chips, and everything else a singer uses for fuel. Some cars are more full than others…but never fear! Five loaves of bread make an excellent pillow.

Step 2: Foster bonding amongst the troops

No retreat is successful if the troops aren’t united! Pre-and post-rehearsal bonding are crucial to the overall success of the group.

Step 3: Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

You will never retreat properly if you don’t spend at least 10 hours rehearsing. It may sound difficult, but look: you get breaks! Nothing like a weekend in the woods to bring out your inner lumberjack, eh Mark? 

Looks like it brings out Mike’s inner psychopath. 

Step 4: Feed the troops

Rebellion will break out if the troops don’t get their food! With a slight oven mishap, we rely on the microwave to deliver sustenance.

Step 5: Celebrate victory!

If you followed this five-step plan, your retreat was a success! Settle down for some well-deserved libations and begin planning for the next battle season.

This post was written by one of our fearless leaders, Managing Director Martha Keller.