Thanks for your interest in the 18th Street Singers! Summer 2018 Auditions are now open for ALL voice parts!

Using the form below, please select a time slot below as early as your schedule allows (both early in the list of dates and early on each available date) to give us plenty of time for additional auditions and callbacks as needed. If none of these times will work for you, we're happy to adjust for your schedule -- just contact us at with your availability.

Once you've booked a time slot, you'll be redirected to a page with more information on what we'll ask of you during your ten-minute audition.  Thank you and we can't wait to meet you!

About YOU
You are a passionate singer with a lovely voice, great intonation, and a strong musical sense, and you love the prospect of making music with a diverse and tightly-knit community of singers living in (or near) Washington, DC.

You can confidently hold your own part, even when you're the only person singing it. You take full responsibility for learning your music, by sight-reading or by putting in enough time before rehearsals to learn a complicated part. While the rare work or family commitment might mean missing a Monday night rehearsal or two over the course of a season, you are committed to being present each week, and at our concerts every few months.

You enjoy singing music from the Renaissance to music just being penned today, music from different cultures and with different viewpoints, and even music on the radio. You're excited to bring the same level of dedication to genres you love and genres you'e never sung before.

About US
We are committed to musical excellence and using a fresh and more accessible take on choral music to bring it to a wider and younger audience. At the same time, we're dedicated to being a supportive community and "urban family" for our members, who come from all walks of life and are all cherished friends and colleagues.

We seek to program concerts that move our members and our audiences by unabashedly mixing the best of genres. We sing music that you think of as "traditional" choral music, we find lesser-known gems, and we prioritize amplifying the voices, composers, and themes that are often missing at classical music concerts.

We are an all-volunteer organization (including all artistic and management positions), but many of our members have studied music professionally or are paid singers in other ensembles. Our members come from many backgrounds: some of us have sung our entire lives in church or temple choirs, some were in high school and collegiate a cappella groups, and others have sung in glee clubs and choirs. Some of us bring our kids to rehearsal, to take advantage of deeply-discounted child care. Some of us grew up here, and some of us are new to the area, but we come together to build a community and share our love for singing with others!